The Baby Massage Course!

Learn the powerful skills of infant massage to relax & calm your baby! Massage is a very natural way to connect & bond with your baby, creating a secure attachment. Touch is healing and your hands are the tools!

  • Improve Sleep & Stimulate Growth

    Increase circulation and sensory awareness to help your little one connect with their body. It improves muscular development, coordination, balance and flexibility.

  • Reduce Fussiness & Colic

    Improves overall function of ALL of the body systems. This can be especially helpful with the process elimination, relieving uncomfortable gas, pain and discomfort.

  • More Confidence As A Parent

    Listen to your baby's non-verbal cues to understand their unique way of communicating. It can increase lactation and decrease postpartum depression.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Instructions for this course

    • How to Use the Mini-Course Template

  • 2

    Welcome to the course!

    • About Me

    • Introduction

    • Welcome To The Baby Massage Course

    • Disclaimer

    • How To Use This Course

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    Let's get started!

    • Benefits For Babies And For Parents

    • Benefits For Babies

    • Benefits For Parents

    • Preparations

    • Preparations

    • Communication And Asking For Permission

    • Time Of Day

    • Different Types Of Cries

    • Permission, Time Of Day, And Different Cries

    • The Senses

    • The Senses

    • Energy Work

    • Energy Work

    • Be Open and Receptive

    • The Working Mom's Story

    • Positioning

    • Positioning

    • Strokes And Techniques

    • Strokes And Techniques

    • Massage Technique Graphics

    • The Protocol For Baby Massage

    • The Protocol

    • Written Protocol For Infant Massage

    • Self-Care And Wrap Up

    • Baby Massage Demonstration

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    Next Steps...

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Learn the powerful skills of infant massage to calm your baby! A bond that will last a lifetime!